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KC McCormick Çiftçi is an English teacher turned romance writer. She spent the majority of her twenties living and working abroad, collecting the experiences that inform the stories she tells. She enjoys telling multicultural and international love stories through sweet romance, romantic comedy, and women’s fiction. She and her Turkish husband split their time between southeastern Michigan and southwestern Turkey.

Prior to diving into the world of romance, KC published two self-help books for intercultural couples, Loving Across Borders and The K-1 Visa Wedding Plan. Both are available wherever books are sold.

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Eliza Britt sighed as she unlocked her office door. Today’s classes had been a challenge, and the stack of essays to grade on her desk was sure to eat up her free time for the rest of the week. She released her brown hair from the ponytail that was threatening to give her a headache and rolled her shoulders. She was too young to be this tired, but she supposed it came along with the territory of being on her feet all day in her ESL classroom.

Eliza flicked on the electric kettle on her windowsill and placed a tea bag in her unwashed mug. While she waited for the water to boil, she checked her text messages.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m too exhausted to think about cooking. How does Seoul Garden delivery sound?” her roommate Crystal had written.

A genuine smile broke through Eliza’s exhaustion. At least they weren’t going to argue about what to eat tonight because she didn’t have the mental energy to convince her roommate that her taste in takeout restaurants was, in fact, wrong. “Sure! I’ll be home late—midterms…” she wrote, throwing in an eye roll emoji. Crystal Kim was also an ESL teacher, so Eliza was sure she’d be able to feel the pain in that message. Crystal tutored private students in one-on-one lessons, while Eliza was overworked and underpaid at the local community college. Still, both of them felt the pinch of exam time, when many of their students realized the frustrating gap between the English they needed to learn to survive and function in American society and the English they needed to learn to ace their standardized tests and move on in their academic careers.

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